Four-masted ship: a vessel with four masts, square rigged on all.

   The four-masted ship "Lancing" is shown in this unsigned, folk art-like, oil on canvas painting. The "Lancing" was had an unusual 'life' as she was built of iron in Glasgow, Scotland in 1866 as a steamer, the "Pereire", for French owners. Her dimensions were: 356' x 43.8' x 27.3', 2875 tons. She was converted to a sailing vessel with the unusual rig of a four-masted ship in 1888 by Capt. George Alfred Hatfield of Yarmouth County. His nephew, Capt S.J. Hatfield, then commanded her. In 1908 the "Lancing" sailed from Tusket Wedge (now Wedgeport, NS) with 2,272,000 superficial feet of lumber for cargo: the largest lumber cargo ever taken from Nova Scotia. She was later reconverted to a steamer. In 1924 the "Lancing" was broken up while under Norwegian ownership.


Reference for illustrations 1 & 2: Black and white silhouettes drawn by Graham McBride from "Sailing Ship Rigs", an Info sheet produced by the Nova Scotia Museum.
Photos from the collection of the Yarmouth County Archives.

   Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/index.html