Premises of W.H. Gridley, Ship Smith
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


The shipping industry gave rise, directly and indirectly, to a number of businesses and industries, some of which are still in operation. Included here were shipyards, boatshops, blockmaking shops and all the other segment industries of shipbuilding: chandlers and suppliers, repair facilities, shipsmiths, and foundries. The foundries, which were initially established to provide cast iron fittings for ships, launched out into the production of many items including stoves and kitchen ranges. One foundry, the Burrill-Johnson Iron Company, even produced complicated marine engines, sometimes the complete vessel, and, later on shells for wartime use.
   As the sailing vessel bowed out to the steamers, Yarmouth businessmen reinvested their money. A major industry was established in the Yarmouth Duck and Yarn Company. Dominion Textiles, the descendants of that company, was a mainstay of Yarmouth's industry until 1991.


Parker-Eakins' wharf
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia


Although greatly overshadowed by the glories of the square-riggers, Yarmouth's fishing vessels and the fishing industry itself have always formed the backbone to Yarmouth's prosperity. Today the industry is still of great importance with the main catches being lobster, scallops, herring and ground fish.