Bralorne Hospital 1985
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


The Sunshine Mountain Ski Chalet
Sunshine Mountain Ski Chalet, overlooking Bralorne


Bralorne High School
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


Boultbee Memorial Church
Bralorne 2nd Townsite, Bralorne, B.C. Canada


As some of the older citizens leave the valley to be closer to medical facilities, the younger ones arrive, eager to call the peaceful community their home for nature, snow sports, building opportunities or raising a family. The once abandoned shacks are now being beautified and given new life.
Bralorne Can-Fer Resources may well have been able to bulldoze everything and say good bye to this once thriving and bustling community when it closed in 1971. We owe thanks to them for not doing just that, but we also owe thanks to the Whiting Brothers who recognized the town's potential and made it their dream to preserve a past that reminds us of the determination, and courage of the people who made it legendary.

In recognition of the Whiting Brothers' great insight, the museum that they founded is now honoring them at the 2005 Bridge River Valley Reunion with an honorary membership and a plaque will hang in the BRALORNE-PIONEER MUSEUM for decades to come.