Beardys people in 1889.
Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation


Chief Beardy and Chief Okemasis of the Willow Cree were considered unfit chiefs and they were deposed as chiefs (It is said they were also stripped of thier treaty medals). The Willow Cree people were considered disloyal to the crown and sanctions were imposed on the band:
- abolition of the positions of Chief and Councillors (These positions would not be filled again until 1936).
- Confiscation of guns, ammunitions and horses.
- Strict enforcement of the "work for rations" policy.
Chief Okemasis fled to the United States with a small group from his band. The rest of his band stayed with the Beardy's band and the reserve became the Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation. They did not formally amalgamate until 1985.

Chief Beardy died on April 16, 1889, he would not see the day the truth about his bands involvement in the Battle of Duck Lake and the other events of 1885 come to light.