Hans Gunnarsen
c. 1940 (?)
Revelstoke, British Columbia

Revelstoke Museum and Archives


Lymburne's toughest local competitor was Hans Gunnarsen. Hans grew up on skis, being the son of Anna and Jorgen. He competed in the combined events as well as Class "A" jumping. He would often be right on Lymburne's tail, striving to overtake his rival. He was often second to Lymburne in jumping but sometimes won the Combined Event of jumping and cross-country racing. In February 1935, Hans won the B.C. Jumping Championship while his brother, Gunnar, made the longest jump of the tournament.
Gunnar, also competed in jumping and the Combined Events and often placed in the tournaments. Their other brothers, Carl and Emil, also jumped and competed in tournaments. Together, the Gunnarsen clan always made a good showing at tournament events between the 1920's through to the 1940's. Hans died in action in World War II in 1944. His brother, Carl, was Hill Captain on the Nels Nelsen Hill into the 1960's.