Anastasia Gulobova, wife of Peter Lordly Verigin
Circa 1900s
Saskatchewan or BC, Canada


Anastasia Gulobova, loyal companion and wife was to bear the brunt of Peter's death in the most profound way. Believing that she would rightfully be the next leader, she was in for a rude shock when the community asserted that the leadership must be hereditary. She campaigned for leadership nevertheless, but her aspirations wilted when only 500 of the 4,000 Doukhobors assembled at Peter Lordly's grave side voted for her at the traditional new leader election.

Anastasia Gulobova insisted on her ?rights to leadership' and the result was a forcible removal of her and her possessions to a new haven in Alberta, accompanied by other loyalsits and relatives of Peter Lordly.

The significance to Anastasia Gulobova was her banishment from the mainstream community under the leadership of Peter P. Verigin. The communal enterprise near Arrowwood, Alberta, lasted until 1945. At its peak, 165 members lived on 1260 acres under her leadership. She died in 1965.