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Copper Cliff at War
Location: Copper Cliff, Ontario, Canada

Spot the Victory Bonds Poster #4
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Victory Bonds Cheque from International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited
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Letter from the Acting Lt. Commanding Officer of the H.M.C.S Copper Cliff
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Kathleen "Kitty" Ferguson with the Inco Ladies Bridge Team: 1938 League Champions
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The Ferguson Family and News of the Athenia
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Johnson-Wulff Wedding
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Women of Inco, breaking to eat in their own lunchroom
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Women Working in Company Lab
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Citizens assemble for a service at the Memorial Community Hall in Copper Cliff on V-J Day
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Copper Cliff at War Exhibition Opening Image
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Mrs. and Mr. Joseph A. Charland with baby George
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People at St. Stanislaus Church
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Men in an ore car
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The wife and children of an Inco employee pray for their father to return safely from the war
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