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Kinghorn School Days
Location: Kinghorn, Ontario

Walter Rolling Day
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SS 23 Kinghorn Schoolhouse, decorated for the festivites
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The entertainment, in the form of a marching band, approached the school
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The marching band, complete with men on stilts,  nears the school
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The crowds watch some of the sporting events
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Former students and local residents made up the crowd that day
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A stage was set up for speeches and entertainment
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Mr. Rolling had a chance to chat with old friends
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Mrs. Laura Rolling watched the proceedings
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Mr. Davis, on the right, was one of the sponsors of this event
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People gather outside the Kinghorn Schoolhouse
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The five Davis Brothers, sponsors of this event
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Miss Bessie McBride taught at Kinghorn after Mr. Rolling retired
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This house in Kinghorn, near the school, still stands today
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The Davis House
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The British Hotel, later Hollingshead Mill
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