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Kinghorn School Days
King Township Museum
King City , Ontario


   Between 1895 and 1936 the
one-room school house at
Kinghorn in King Township,
Ontario was run by one
individual, a no-nonsense
teacher named Walter Rolling.
   Walter and his family
offer us a chance to explore
how people adapt to
communities, and communities

grow around people,
especially special people.
   Walter was the son of
Benjamin Rolling, one of the
first African Canadians to
serve as a Postmaster in
Canada, Benjamin’s postal
outlet located in his general
store in Laskay, Ontario, a
store Benjamin ran for 30

   Laskay had been the
destination chosen by
Walter’s grandfather and
grandmother when they, and
their six children, including
Benjamin Jr., immigrated from
the United States in 1835.
   Walter was the second son
of Benjamin Jr. and his wife,

Sarah H. Britton. Born in
1873, Walter spent his entire
life in King. An outstanding
student, Walter also starred
on the Newmarket District
Football team. After
graduating from high school
in Aurora and studying
teaching at Newmarket Model
School, Walter practiced his

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