Green Family Forge: A Blacksmith Museum
Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador

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The Work of the Blacksmith - Green Family Forge, Trinity, NL
Location: Green Family Forge,Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Part of the interior of the Green Family Forge before restoration work began.
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Part of the work bench
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The back of one of the chimney's in the Green Family Forge showing the bellows and water tank.
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One of the many calendars that Andrew Green had left in the Forge.
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The coal storage bin in the forge.
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Part of the forge and chimney
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The inside of the storage box in the office in the forge.
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One of the writing desk that was found in the forge.
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The inside cover of the writing desk
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A closer look at the inside of the writing desk.
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Part of the work bench upstairs in the office and stock room.
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Water tank on the back of one of the chimney's
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Part of a storage shelf
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Scrap metal
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A hammer and some scrap metal
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Bolt and Nail Headers
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