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The Work of the Blacksmith - Green Family Forge, Trinity, NL
Green Family Forge: A Blacksmith Museum
Trinity , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The first snowfall of the
season in Trinity,
Newfoundland and Labrador,
and outside the Green Family
Forge men wait for the
blacksmith to put winter
shoes on their horses, a
common sight in communities
on Canada’s east coast.
   This virtual exhibit

follows the inner workings of
the Green Family Forge in
five sections: the members of
the Green Family; a brief
history of blacksmithing; the
restoration process that
brought the forge back to
life as a living history
museum; some examples of more
than 1,500 artifacts

currently on display; and
finally, how things are made
at the forge including the
items that our own blacksmith
makes to sell at our gift
   We hope that you enjoy
your virtual visit through
the Green Family Forge and
that you will be encouraged

to visit us in Trinity.

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