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The History of Olympic Bids
Location: Whistler Valley, British Columbia

A tourist map of Whistler
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In the 1960s, the Ski Boot Motel was one of the only lodges in the valley.
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David Andrews, the original owner of the Ski Boot Motel, purchased the land in 1966.
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Whistler's first mayor, Pat Carleton (far left), was an important figure in the local community.
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Image showing the cutting of the ski runs on Blackcomb Mountain.
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Whistler's first golf course, created in 1981 by the municipality, only had nine holes.
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Alta Lake was the original site for local settlement before the development of Whistler Mountain.
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Musicians perform on the floating dock on Lost Lake.
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Local children from Myrtle Philip Community School ignite community spirit in this photo.
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Map showing the locations of the snow events being held in the Whistler area.
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On July 3rd, 2003, Vancouver and Whistler were awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics.
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Whistler: past, present, future
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