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The History of Olympic Bids
Location: Whistler Town Center, Whistler, British Columbia

This undeveloped field is now the location of Tapley's Pub in the center of Whistler Village.
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Field where the Royal Bank is currently located in the village.
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Gravel pit at the base of Whistler Mountain where the Delta Hotel is currently located.
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The construction of Whistler Village where the Blackcomb Lodge is currently located.
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The construction of Whistler Village in 1979.
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The construction of Whistler Village began in 1979.  Blackcomb Mountain is in the background.
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Construction of Carleton Lodge
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Image of the construction of Whistler's Town Center.
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Fire Hall located in the Resort Municipality.
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The lodge where Tapley's Puv and the Grocery Store are located.
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Image of the construction of Rainbow Condominiums and the Hearthstone Lodge in Whistler.
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The village under Phase One development.
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Image of Whistler Village taken from a helicopter for local newspaper.
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Image of Blackcomb Lodge, which houses Araxi Restaurant and the Savage Beagle Bar.
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The current site of Village Square, where Araxi Restaurant and Citta's are located.
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View of the Village Square, which is home to the Amsterdam Pub, La Bocca and the Brasserie.
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The clocktower, shown under construction, has become a landmark along Whistler's Village Stroll.
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Aerial view of the town center under Phase One construction in October 1979.
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