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The History of Olympic Bids
Location: Whistler Mountain, Whistler, British Columbia

Artist's conception of how a paradise should be carved out in Whistler.
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Two men constructing one of the first lifts during the summer of 1965.
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The GLL crew constructing a gondola, chairlift and T bars at Whistler mountain.
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'The Roundhouse', Whistler's first mountaintop restaurant, being built in the summer of 1966.
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Map showing the existing runs and plans for future development at Whistler mountain.
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A man peaking out the window of the Creekside Gondola to get a better view of Coast Mountain Range.
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The gondola carrying skiers up to Whistler Mountain.
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A young family enjoying a day on the slopes.
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A skier enjoying the slopes of the Coast Mountain Range that surround Whistler Valley.
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Franz Wilhelmsen standing with his wife, Annette, on Whistler Mountain.
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The Roundhouse Lodge
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Two skiers enjoy a chairlift ride up Whistler Mountain.
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Image of the Roundhouse, a popular place in Whistler.
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Skiers taking a break at the Roundhouse and enjoying a perfect 'Blue Bird' day.
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A skier carves a turn through powdery snow on Whistler Mountain.
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Gerry Renaldi racing down a course at the 1969 Canadian Garibaldi Championships in Whistler.
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Jane Ferris, a celebrated local icon, enjoying a little spring skiing on Whistler Mountain.
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Young Whistler 'hotdoggers' George Oskwold, Floyd Wilkie, and Wayne Wong get straight to the point!
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