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The History of Olympic Bids
Location: Creekside, Whistler, British Columbia

A prelude to North America's Number One Ski Destination.
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The dream of development continues.
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Early development stages of the Whistler Creekside prior to its official opening in 1966.
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A sign posting the site of the new lifts to be constructed on Whistler Mountain.
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Sales office for Whistler Property.
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Signs of early development in the valley during the 1960s.
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One of the early lots for sale in the Whistler area.
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An aerial view of Whistler creekside in the early days
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Tex Rodgers, a Buckhorn rancher, helping out in the Whistler parking lot.
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Two people pointing at a sign that maps out the growing expanse of Whistler Mountain.
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The Skier's Chapel was built on land donated from the GLL.
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Map showing the expanse of the mountain.
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Long ticket lines at Creekside's Gondola base show the popularity of Whistler Mountain.
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A large line of skiers wait their turn to take Whistler's Creekside Gondola.
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Skiers loading their gear into the gondola at Whistler's Creekside.
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A sign, located at Creekside base, shows the lodges and facilities available in Whistler.
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One of the earliest establishments in the 1970s was L'Apres, located in Whistler's Creekside.
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L'Apres Restaurant and Bar was an icon in Whistler's Creekside during the 1970s.
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