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The History of Olympic Bids

The History of Olympic Bids in the Whistler Valley
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Promotional Poster for the1968 Bid.
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A newspaper advertisement promoting Whistler's Mountain.
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The bid for the 1976 Olympics was propelled by GODA and its many supporters.
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This was the logo for Vancouver Garibaldi's 1976 Olympic Bid Committee.
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Franz Wilhelmson, the founder of the Whistler Ski Corporation
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Jim McConkey, head of the Whistler ski school
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The 'Crazy Canucks', a group of talented skiers who brought pride and fame to Canada in the 1980s.
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The 2010 Bid Corporation's logo.
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The front cover of Book One from the 2010 Bid Book.
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Image of the front cover of the 2010 Bid Book showing the maple leaf.
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List of Partners.
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Acknowledgements: photographers
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Acknowledgements: project team
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