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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia
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As you go up towards the Big Hill, Nels Nelsen Hill, just below that, down on the next level, and it's all overgrown, you can't see it now. We had a jump there, we called the White Rock. It was just west of the ski run that we had here and below the old jump. There was a jump that was built there that came right down to the Big Bend Highway, the Big Bend Highway used to go out that way. That was a pretty good sized jump. You could do close to 200 feet on that. Next to that we had a smaller jump just to the west of that, we called the "C" hill. That was there first, and we used to jump on that. You could do a little over 100 feet on that. And the Big Bend jump also, the take off was built out of lumber and so forth, just the take-off. But the contour of the landing was pretty good so they didn't have to do too much work with that.


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