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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia
Revelstoke Museum and Archives
Revelstoke , British Columbia


   Sliding, Gliding and
Soaring is an exhibition of
the stories and characters
responsible for a remarkable
and lasting legacy of
Canadian ski history.
   Revelstoke’s ski saga has
its roots in the early 1890s,
when Scandinavian immigrants
such as the Nelsen and

Gunnarsen families first
introduced the sport to the
area. Originally calling skis
“Norwegian snowshoes” the
townspeople eagerly embraced
the activity and began
organizing almost at once.
They officially formed the
Revelstoke Ski Club in 1914
to hold annual ski jumping,

cross country racing,
downhill racing and skijoring
   Blessed with the “Big
Hill”—the largest, natural
ski jump in North
America—Revelstoke was the
site of many Canadian and
World Records. Between 1916
and 1975, local, provincial,

national and international
events took place there and
competitors and spectators
flocked to the town from
around the world. Revelstoke
regulars included Nels
Nelsen, World Champion in the
1920s, Bob Lymburne, World
Champion in the 1930s, Anna
Gunnarsen, matriarch of

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