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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia
Revelstoke Museum and Archives
Revelstoke , British Columbia


skiing in Revelstoke, and
Isabel Coursier, the first
“glider girl.” Not only did
Coursier jump unassisted, she
also dared to jump with the
   Mount Revelstoke skiers
were also instrumental in
creating downhill and slalom
runs and watched with

satisfaction as enthusiasts
forced these pursuits to
evolve. Steep runs were cut
on site and locals took to
the hills with the aid of an
electrically lit slope for
night skiing. There was even
a ski run in the centre of
   Tournament competition

slowed down during the Second
World War, but a new breed of
recreational skiers filled
the gap. Townspeople and
visitors would readily climb
4,000 feet to ski on Mount
Revelstoke’s summit. Devotees
would take the train to
Rogers Pass to ski in the
valleys and on the glaciers

of Glacier National Park.
   Winter Carnivals
continued and in 1950,
Revelstoke started hosting
the Tournament of Champions,
an international jumping
event. But the building of
the Trans Canada Highway and
a decline of interest in
jumping began to draw skiers

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