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Acadian Removal at Remsheg, August 15, 1755

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Acadian dyke builders used marsh sod because it was so strong
Acadian dyke, drainage out fall.
Acadian farmers harvesting grain
Acadian House foundation stones. Possibly first home burned by British
Akerly Brook
Barbara Clark and assistant Danielle Dorn
Barbara kneeling on her painting
British and New England soldiers burn Acadian homes and barns.
Building a dyke
Carl Demings, former President of the North Cumberland Historical Society
Chignecto to Cobiquid to Tatamagouche road
Clapper end of replica aboiteau
Clay Pipe
David Creek
Dewar River Dyke
Drainage ditch along inside of dyke wall.
Dry interior of 300 year old dyke. Cubes of clay still visable.
Dyke encompasses several hectares of marsh land

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