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Vatnabyggd: An Icelandic Settlement in Saskatchewan

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Ball of yarn
Book of Icelandic Poetry
Father of John Sigurdson of Wadena
Grandmother of John Sigurdson of Wadena
Mother of John Sigurdson of Wadena
NE10-32-12W2 Halldorson, Narfi
NE31-30-12W2 Olafson, Stefan
NW10-32-12W2 Narfason, Gudbrandur
NW12-32-12W2 Halldorson, Sveinn
NW32-30-12W2 Thorsteinson, Thorstein
NW4-32-12W2 Bjarnason, Johannes
Olafson, Karen
Olafson, Marea
SE14-32-12W2 Inge, Ingimundur Eiriksson
SE30-31-11W2 Jonson, Olafur
SE32-32-11W2 Asbjornadottir, Groa
SE34-31-12W2, NW34-31-12W2 Sigurdson, Helgi
SE36-31-12W2 Jasonson, Bjarni
SE36-31-13W2 Ketilson Ofeigur
Sections are divided further into quarter sections

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