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Restoration of Lester-Garland House

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Built by Isaac Lester at Post Green, outside Poole, 1764-1766, (same time as his brother Benjamin was building a brick house in Trinity)
Classroom, Exhibit and Meeting Room, Lester-Garland House
Classroom, Lester-Garland House
Delta Hotel, St. John's
Dining Room, Lester-Garland House, Trinity, Newfoundland
Drawing of Wm. Taverner's fishing property in Trinity, 1700. Details on page 8 of The Story of Trinity
Glen Cove, Trinity, Newfoundland
Intersection of Gallavan's Lane and Church Road, Trinity
Lester Premises, Trinity, Newfoundland
Lester-Garland House Ruins and Shop, Trinity, Newfoundland
Lester-Garland House Site
Lester-Garland House, Trinity, Newfoundland
Lester-Garland Premises, Trinity, Newfoundland
Lockston, near Trinity, Newfoundland
Note the Lester-Garland House, West Street at Garland Road, Trinity, Newfoundland, in the left foreground
Photo taken from the hill behind the house, looking East towards the harbour entrance
Photocopy of the cover of Benjamin Lester's Diary presented to Mr. Walter G. C. White by Rev. George Henry Lester-Garland
Plans of a proposed renovation to the fort at Admiral's Point made in 1762 by French Forces
Poole, England

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