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Copper Cliff at War



World War II

This storyline elaborates upon Copper Cliff's role in the Second World War (1939-1945).

During the war, Inco provided support at the community level and increased support at the industrial level on the world stage, thanks to advances in mining technology. Citizens of Copper Cliff, many of whom had memories of the First World War, stepped into contributing to the war effort with ease. Also, the Town pledged to support the H.M.C.S Copper Cliff, a ship that had been named after the community, creating the opportunity to build a more personal connection with a group of sailors in the Canadian Navy.

Included as well are the stories of the following individuals (mostly soldiers), whose brushes with the war were closer and, more often than not, final: Kathleen Ferguson and family, Robert Keast, John W. Bennett, Robert Gegear, Mark Hanlan, Fred Gilpin, John H. Feldhams, and Justin Faulkner.

Lastly, women experienced a notable expansion of their rights during this war, being allowed for the first time ever to choose to work in mines and refineries or to serve in the military in the Canadian Women's Army Corps, like Vera Wulff - born and raised in Copper Cliff - whose story is also included.


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