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Copper Cliff at War



Tommy is in the Old Country

by this time. I don't know

when he will be coming

back. There is lots of work

here everywhere. I see in

the paper that the European

Rothschilds are to buy up the

Nickel fields around here

to try + monopolise[sic] the

Nickel market. I don't

wonder at the Fort[?] Yards

being hard up for skilled

labor + mechanics. All the

mechanics are going to

Australia + Canada. There

won't be anybody left in

England soon. Scott's death

at the South pole came as

a great suprise[sic] to everybody

here. Great sorrow intermingled

with pride is felt here +

throut[sic] Canada. I hope

Aunt Julia is better. I wish

she could give up living

with Charlie + have it

a little quieter somewhere.

Give my regards to Percy

Leteher + all. Len


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