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Copper Cliff at War



rinks[?] are going on it. Tommy

will certainly cheat the

winter here by going home

now. There is another Plymouth

Lad going with him also his

wife + child. His name is Mr. Heale.

We are getting weather here now

that people don't remember the

like of for fifty years. Here we

are, thro[sic] the biggest part of

January and no snow on the

ground and the thermometer

at 33 above zero. We are very

likely to pay for this next

month. We have had enough

soft weather to thaw the snow

but the Lake remains frozen

allright[sic]. I hope Aunt Julia

is allright[sic] + tell her that

I'll write her soon. I can see

R. R's old clock standing out in

front of all the rest in

the photo of Fore St. but I can only

recognize two or three others. It

seems to have been taken on a dull

day. Give my regards to all.



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