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Copper Cliff at War



Dec 3rd

Dear Father + Sisters,

This is one of the

main streets of Copper Cliff.

It may seem peculiar to you

but we have Electric lights

+ everything except street

cars. The first building on

the left is the English Church.

The next was the Hospital, this

was burnt to the ground just

as I came here + they are now

building a brick + stone building

bigger than it was before. The

first building on the right which

is very dark is the General

Offices of the Company. The

white house which is facing

you at the end of the street

is the Methodist Church.

It is real good and cold

here now, it's cold enough

anyhow to freeze your ears

if you go out without a

winter cap. I hope Aunt Jane is

better by this time. I have

not yet heard from Jack, so

I think I will write to his

old address + the letter will

be sent on. Len.


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