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The Broken Ground: A History of a Cape Breton Coal Mining Community



When Lieutenant Governor John Parr received the request from the settlers for assistance he made arrangements with a Mr. Michael Wallace to provide them with the necessary provisions. Due to the sudden death of the Lieutenant Governor , Michael Wallace was not paid for the purchased goods. As a result, Wallace made a request to the government of the Province of Nova Scotia for reimbursement. The following letter explains his position.

To the Hon'ble Richard Bulkeley, President of His Majesty's Council & Commander-in-Chief of the Province of Nova Scotia. -

The Memorial of Michael Wallace Respectfully Therewith.

That in the month of September last, a number of emigrants from Scotland, arrived at Pictou in this Province, in a very distressed situation for the want of provisions, and had not any means of procuring them; That in consequence of a Petition from them to His Excellency, the late Lieut. Governor Parr, stating their miserable situation, He thought proper to direct your memorialist to purchase and to send round to them by water, where they were hutted, the quantity of Provisions as stated in the annexed account, for an immediate and temporary relief which was accordingly done and distribute amongst them, And for which your memorialist was to have been reimbursed by Bills of Exchange upon the Lord's Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury; But before he had occasion to apply for the said bills- His Excellency Lieut. Governor Parr was taken with a fit of illness, which unfortunately put a period to his life, and in consequence thereof, memorialist is still unpaid for said donation of Provisions.

Your Memorialist therefore prays, that your Honour would be pleased to order him payment, either by Bills of Exchange or other ways as Your Honour may think fit, And as in duty bound he will ever...

Mich. Wallace


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