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The Broken Ground: A History of a Cape Breton Coal Mining Community
Inverness Miners' Museum
Inverness , Nova Scotia


   Welcome! Failte!
   The Inverness Miner's
Museum, located on Lower
Railway Street overlooking
the Cabot Links Golf course
and the pounding surf of the
mighty Atlantic, is proud to
present our community and
Museum in this Community

Memories virtual exhibit. It
is our pleasure to have you
peruse part of our collection
of photography, interviews
and selections of text from
Ned MacDonald’s publication,
The Broken Ground.
   The Canadian national
Railway and the Inverness
Coal Mines were distinct and

separate entities, and their
central focus was the
movement of coal for domestic
consumption as well as
international use. King Coal
was the lifeblood of the
community, even with its
harshness, exploitative
business practices, and
“Pluck Me” stores. The CN

Station is the locale where
men and women left for out
west, for the “Boston States”
for work and to war. It is in
this station that is alive
with history of the community
where the Inverness Miners
and Railway Museum is
located. We welcome our
visitors to experience ghost

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