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Peter Handly-Do you remember when the Dionnes were born and any changes that might have made that you could remember?
Harlan Plue: Yes, I remember that well and it sort of put this region on the map I guess people never heard of North Bay or anything ..put it right on the map that's all
Peter Handly-Did you believe it when you first read the newspaper?
Harlan Plue: Well, yes, yes what we were surprised that they lived, nobody expected that they were gonna live
Peter Handly-How did you feel with all the publicity that came up with all sorts of people all of a sudden coming to North Bay, was that a good thing for you?
Harlan Plue: Well, it didn't mean anything to me, no, cause it didn't concern me very much, my work on the railroad I wasn't concern about that
Peter Handly-But it must of made a difference when you were in town and you were sort of not working and there would be more people in town and all that sort of thing, I guess?
Harlan Plue: Yeah, well there was a lot, it increased our tourist trade, right away you know, we had tourists that came to North Bay, whether they seen the Quints or not they wanted to be, they could see where they were born anyway
Peter Handly-Did you see them yourself, did you go to see them?
Harlan Plue: Oh yes, I've seen them, yes I watch them growing up practically


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