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Tracks of Time
Discovery North Bay
North Bay , Ontario


   Follow the Tracks of Time
and realize the history and
impact of the rail industry
in North Bay, Ontario.
Examine images and artefacts
from the collection of the
North Bay Area Museum. Travel
through time, from the birth
of the community in 1882
through to the redevelopment

of the former C.P. rail
   Five storylines allow the
visitor to experience the
importance of the rail
industry in North Bay and
area. Travel from the
beginnings of the community
with the arrival of the
Canadian Pacific Railway.

Watch the arrival of
additional railways including
the Temiscaming and Northern
Ontario Railway, Grand Trunk,
Canadian Northern and
Canadian National. Examine
the role the rail played in
the opening of Northern
Ontario in the logging and
mining industries. See how

the community of North Bay
evolved with the rail
industry and how the city
dealt with the railís
eventual downsizing. Live the
dream and watch the
transformation of the former
rail land properties into a
community waterfront park.

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