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Grown in the Garden of Canada: The History of the Fruit Industry in Grimsby, Ontario




Interview with Tom Greensides, Grape Grower - Niagara Products are Superior

I think one of the things about the fruit industry in Niagara is the superiority of our products and I think all you have to do is take a peach that is grown in Niagara and compare it to a peach that's grown in Georgia and you'll pick the Niagara peach every time. We grow a superior product here and I guess that we need to convince the Ontario consumers that the best product is local product. I think that one of the frustrations for me has been that when we go to our local grocery stores, and there was a grocery store in Grimsby in the height of our sweet cherry season this year, had Washington cherries and no Ontario cherries. That to me sure isn't supporting our industry and trying to make sure that we have an industry here in the future.


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