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Grown in the Garden of Canada: The History of the Fruit Industry in Grimsby, Ontario
Grimsby Museum
Grimsby , Ontario


   Fruit is the focus of
farming in the Niagara
Peninsula, farming with a
long history. During the
American Revolution of 1776-
1783, United Empire Loyalists
fleeing the Thirteen Colonies
settled in Upper Canada and
began to work the land. Given
the unique location, climate

and soil of the Niagara
region, along with the
arrival of the railway in the
1850s, farmers were able to
grow many varieties of tender
fruit such as grapes,
peaches, pears, plums,
apples, berries, cherries and
   The Niagara Peninsula,

Grimsby in particular, also
has a long history of highly
developed industries related
to the growing, processing
and shipping of tender
fruits. Local industries
manufactured tools and
baskets and supplied nursery
stock for the farms. The need
for fruit storage and

shipping in Grimsby gave rise
to experimental cold storage
facilities as well as many
marketing and shipping
organizations. Local
canneries, preserving
factories, wineries and
distilleries preserved large
quantities of tender fruit.
The railway, the Hamilton,

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