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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia




I started heli-skiing, I was probably one of the first heli-ski guides in the Bugaboos, which was the first ski area in Canada, for heli-skiing. That was in the late '60's, I think my first season was '68, when I started there. I worked for that company for about, until '74, CMH, yup. And then a friend of mine started a company in Golden, B.C., it's called Purcell Heli-skiing, Rudi Gertsch, yes. And '78, we kind of decided to part ways. I always look for another possible area which might be good skiing, good snow, good potential. So I talked a few friends into coming over here to Revelstoke and check out the potential of the skiing here. And that would have been in the winter of '78. So we skied about 10 days here, so right away there was great skiing terrain, great snow conditions and just a huge potential to start another area here. And so, after, from 10 days, we kept expanding to where we had 12 or 13 weeks each season.


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