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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia




There wasn't that much backcountry skiing at that time yet [1950's]. It wasn't until just after that that a fellow by the name of Hans Gmoser took interest in the possibilities for skiing in the mountains of British Columbia. And he came through here, I met him too. He made some excellent films about the conditions and hills and mountains, and he introduced heli-skiing pretty well, in the province. As a result of him, other ski resorts have been opened up all over the province. He came around with his films, different cities in the province showing. In Vancouver, he got terrific crowds to watch these films and as a result of that, I think that's how interest in backcountry skiing and, sort of, outdoor, deep powder skiing came about. And as a result, heli-skiing came about and now there are heli-ski companies all over the province.


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