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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia




Carl [Gunnarsen] looked after the hill until 1962. And then Garry Grace, he somehow got nominated to Hill Captain. He said "would you mind being Hill Captain?" And I thought it was just working with the kids, I always liked working with the kids. You have to prepare the hill from one end to the other. At the start, the Parks would put some people on the hill to help, because it all had to be.... As the hill was not being used the rest of the year, you had to break the snow down, break it down with a shovel and tramp it down hard. And then ski pack it, and then there's always holes in the hill because the hill was not perfectly proportioned; it wasn't built to the standard of new hills. So we had to slide snow on the hill to fill the holes, put boards with a couple of stakes in them, put boards across to catch the snow and slide it with plastic off the sides, and that was a ton of work. About three weeks of every day work; it means a lot of hard work. Later on, the Parks didn't have a budget to supply any help, so I was on the phone pretty steady trying to get volunteer help. That was a big job. So I'd done that from '63 to '74.


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