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Sliding, Gliding and Soaring: A history of skiing in Revelstoke, British Columbia




A lot of people used to go and ski there just where the eastern access is, below the highway. Just below the highway, TransCanada highway, all that hillside, notice there are some steep hills there. That used to be a very popular place for people in town to go. A lot of townspeople would go up Mackenzie Avenue, there's that water tank up there, and the water line used to follow along there, go across, approximately where the highway is now, and then they'd go out to Campbell's Hill over there. And actually we built a ski hill there. Campbells allowed us to clear the hill right up to those rock bluffs that are up there, and we skied that for years. As far as downhill skiing goes, we built a hill just opposite where Coopers - the Hickory Run - it was cleared; it was Parks' property and the Parks at that time cooperated and we cleared the hill right up to the, pretty well up to the TransCanada highway. It was a better hill; it was right close to town, you could just walk across the tracks there and then eventually we did put in a tow there, a rope tow, and then eventually we put in a poma lift. Then that was abandoned, and then the Parks cleared land up higher on the next bench above where the TransCanada is now and we built a ski hill up there.


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