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Malagash, Nova Scotia

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The First Rock Salt Mine in Canada




When in 1926 it was decided to build a railway from Malagash Station into the Mine with a half-mile spur to the wharf, 47 separate deeds had to be written; there were 44 property owners to deal with.

It speaks volumes for the farmers that a 50-foot right of way was purchased through their lands.

The line was 8.23 miles long without the one-half mile spur to the wharf, without the eleven car interchange track near Malagash Station and without about one miles of sidings at the Mine site.

There were two wooden trestles on the road; one over a branch of the Dewar River near Malagash Station and one over Golding Brook near the wharf. Both were 110 feet long and 30 feet above the water at the highest point.

When the rails were taken up in 1959 the land was returned to the current owners.

(Taken from the book 'Malagash Salt', first published in 1975)


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