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Malagash, Nova Scotia

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The First Rock Salt Mine in Canada



July 30th, 1928.


Mr. J. H. Gillespie has the position of Office Manager and Accountant, he handles all correspondence and orders under Mr. Chambers' direction, Orders are sent to the Works 60 miles away usually by mail, but very frequent use of the telegraph and telephone is necessary. The two road men Mr. W. L. Fillmore and Mr. C. B. Christian are immediately responsible to Mr. Gillespie although look to Mr. Chambers for instructions.

Both Mr. Fillmore and Mr. Christian are provided with automobiles. The former covers the general trade while Mr. Christian concentrates on the sales of fishery salt also calling on the other buyers in the district he is working. The latter has had many years experience in the fish trade as a buyer for Silver & Company and appears to be thoroughly conversant with that industry.


Fishery Salt - It had been the intention of the management to sell its salt through the regular channels of distribution, but in the case of fisheries salt the low landed cost of solar salt to large importers and a natural opposition on their part to changing their source of supply, made it necessary to sell direct. This may not mean selling direct to fishermen as sales are now made by Malagash to the smaller distributors, who formerly purchased from the importers. However, to obtain a great share of the business, it would be necessary to supply the fisherman who buys on credit from and sells his fish to these same importers.

Refrigerator Salt - This is largely sold direct to consumers although a small volume goes through wholesale channels. However, Verret Stewart, their largest customer, buys direct and resells in the Quebec market. With the exception of Eastern Quebec and the Gaspe Peninsula, Verret Stewart controls sales in that Province and Eastern Ontario.

Evaporated Salt (Coarse) - A certain tonnage will go to the fish trade, but the larger proportion will go to wholesalers in competition with Liverpool Salt and to a lesser extent with own Coarse Salt.

The Malagash Company does not have agents or brokers. The two salesmen can cover the three Provinces satisfactorily, and do so at a cost of approximately 10% of the average selling price of all grades. This should materially decrease as the "missionary" work becomes less.


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