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Grimsby, Ontario

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Grown in the Garden of Canada: The History…
Hot spot: John H. Grout (Grout Agricultural…

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A. Hewson and Son Basket Factory (5 Hot Spots)
Canadian Canners Limited Livingston Avenue #378 (14 Hot Spots)
Canadian Canners Limited Robinson Avenue #7 (#293) (19 Hot Spots)
Dunrobin / United Distillers (5 Hot Spots)
Farrell's Basket Factory (7 Hot Spots)
Grimsby Arena (4 Hot Spots)
Grimsby High School (1 Hot Spot)
Grimsby Wines (2 Hot Spots)
Growers' Cold Storage and Ice Company (6 Hot Spots)
Hewson and Farrell Basket Factory (3 Hot Spots)
John H. Grout (Grout Agricultural Implement Works) (13 Hot Spots)
Merritt Brothers Basket Factory (18 Hot Spots)
Niagara Packers (10 Hot Spots)
Original Grimsby Train Station (10 Hot Spots)
Supreme Canners Limited, Robinson Avenue (4 Hot Spots)
VanDyke Evaporator (2 Hot Spots)
W. W. Kitchen's Winery (3 Hot Spots)

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