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YYZ in the 90s
YYZ Artists' Outlet
Toronto , Ontario


   The artist-run centre
model is a site where artists
can engage the viewing public
with contemporary issues that
are too contentious to
discuss in the popular media
sphere, paving the way for an
open discourse and
challenging notions of the
normative. The art community

in Toronto in the 1990s was
very much involved in
provoking dialogue on issues
related to diversity,
identity politics, and new
media technologies. YYZ
Artists' Outlet collaborated
with individual artists,
curators, and other Toronto-
based cultural organizations

to bring over a hundred
demonstrations of this
involvement to the community
through our various
programming efforts.
   Throughout the 1990s,
artists contested binary
codes of cultural inference
and challenged audiences to
delineate between symbol and

meaning. Modes of
communication were pushed
past their fringes, which
opened the floor for new
levels of understanding. The
World Wide Web became
publicly accessible in 1991,
shrinking the fabric of the
world and allowing a free
flow of discourse between

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