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YYZ in the 90s
YYZ Artists' Outlet
Toronto , Ontario


cultures. An interest in
queer identity and gender
roles erupted when the World
Health Organization renounced
homosexuality as a disease in
1990. Artists are a product
of their times, and the
issues they engage in their
practices become the
documents of our historical

   YYZ in the 90s is an
online exhibition documenting
a decade of our collective
history. Compiled here are
exhibition photographs,
postcards, press releases,
newspaper articles and
reviews pulled from our
previously inaccessible

archives, framed in context
with contemporaneous art
criticism. The starting point
of this project are
exhibitions by Panya Clark,
Nelson Henricks and Janice
Gurney, which express the
issues and challenges that
are associated with
reconstructing and

establishing histories. YYZ
in the 90s aims to serve as
an online research resource
that subscribes the document
as history.

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