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One with Nature: The Life and Art of Irvine Adams
Summerland Museum and Heritage Society
Summerland , British Columbia


   Pioneers shape a
community; a community raises
a child. Such is the story of
Irvine Clinton Adams (1902 to
1992), a much revered and
loved artist not only in his
home town of Summerland,
British Columbia, Canada, but
around the globe. He was
considered one of North

America's foremost realists
and his works were shown in
juried exhibits in Paris,
France, London, England and
in various galleries and
shows in the United States
and Canada.
   Born in Swan Lake,
Manitoba in 1902, Irvine and
his family came to Summerland

in the Okanagan Valley in
1904. The climate and the
geography of the region
attracted his parents to
start a new life fruit
   Our story is about Irvine
Adams; growing up, attending
school, working in the local
fruit packing house and in

the logging business until he
realized his destiny lay in
his natural talents. Even
though he was always
interested in creating art,
there were many obstacles to
overcome before he reached
this goal.
   As Irvine grew, so did
the small community of

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