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One with Nature: The Life and Art of Irvine Adams
Summerland Museum and Heritage Society
Summerland , British Columbia


Summerland, making its mark
in the fruit producing
industry. As the district
progressed, many changes
occurred; events not lost on
the sensitive artist.
   The stories link the
lives of Irvine Adams and his
family with Summerland's
development just as his

pastel paintings so vividly
portray the landscapes of the
Okanagan Valley. Through the
images in his works, Adams
captured the essence of the
Okanagan, leaving the legacy
of this talented gentleman
for generations to come.
   Irvine's family adds to
the story; his brothers and

sisters who remained in or
returned to the Okanagan
Valley and his wife Doreen
who became very involved in
her new community. Irvine and
Doreen Adams were "known and
acclaimed far beyond the
Okanagan Valley, spent their
lives sensitively and
harmoniously working and

supporting each others
undertakings." Their final
wish left "Sleepy Hollow,"
their home, to the people of
Summerland as a bird

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