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CKNX Tales from Wingham: the Radio & Television Town of Canada
North Huron Museum
Wingham , Ontario


   People will gather around
their computers to enjoy CKNX
Tales from Wingham as they
once gathered around their
radios to share stories of
the remarkable man who made
this small Ontario town of
3,500 the smallest community
in North America to boast
both a radio and a television

   W.T. “Doc” Cruickshank
started dreaming of his own
radio station when he was a
young man in the earliest
days of the broadcasting
industry in Canada. He
dreamed of a community-based
radio station that would
bring stories of the Wingham

region into the homes of
people who were able to
access only fuzzy,
intermittent broadcasts from
Michigan or places even more
distant. When it went on the
air, CKNX came in loud and
clear with familiar voices
and stories from familiar
places. Doc’s dream

flourished, expanding to
three radio stations, two FM
and one AM, and a television
station, all still
   Radio and later
television drew together this
farming and town community.
Through CKNX bank robbers
were caught, fires reported

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