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CKNX Tales from Wingham: the Radio & Television Town of Canada
North Huron Museum
Wingham , Ontario


and lives celebrated. Church
services and daily
agricultural market prices
served the soul and the farm.
At one point, CKNX employed
over 25 musicians and
artists, many of whom went on
to fame as Canadian country
music stars. For 80 years
CKNX was also the training

ground for the best of
Canadian broadcasters like
the legendary Harry J. Boyle.
   This Community Memories
exhibit features some of the
CKNX personalities and their
stories, allowing visitors a
peek behind the cameras and
microphones that were CKNX
during Doc's days, from 1928

to 1970.

   Thanks to Ross & Carol
Hamilton, the Barn Dance
Museum, their board of
directors, Wingham Library,
CKNX Radio, Ward Robertson,
Earl and Martha Heywood and
John Schedler for keeping the
history safe and available
for those who come after to

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