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Copper Cliff at War
Copper Cliff Museum
Sudbury , Ontario


despite all that divided them
was a powerful strength of
spirit that allowed them to
survive and, later, to thrive
as individuals and as a
   During the First and
Second World Wars a number of
the Cliff's citizens went
forth to defend the ideals of

democracy and freedom, while
many more stayed, to provide
support on the home front by
working underground in the
mines, by raising funds, by
collecting salvageable
materials, or by knitting
desperately-needed socks.
   This exhibition tells of
Copper Cliff's early

development and of the town's
involvement in the First and
Second World Wars through
photographs, objects, and the
stories of those individuals
whose strength of spirit led
them to give so much of

   This exhibition was
created by Samantha Morel,
Curator of the Copper Cliff
Museum, one of the City of
Greater Sudbury Heritage
Museums. She gratefully
acknowledges the support of
the Canadian Heritage
Information Network for their

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