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The United Empire Loyalists of Remsheg; refugees from the American Revolution.
Wallace and Area Museum
Wallace , Nova Scotia


the county of Westchester,
New York. Some of these
Westchester Loyalists were
granted properties in
Remsheg, on a 20,000 acre
grant property on the
Northumberland shore of Nova
Scotia, over 80 kilometers’
from Fort Cumberland.
   It is estimated between

80,000 and 100,000 loyalists
migrated from the American
Colonies. Approximately
35,000 came to the Maritimes.
Of these 35,000 refugees, 239
grants of land were given to
families coming to Remsheg.

   Two vessels, carrying

over 450 refugees, bound for
Cumberland County, left New
York City during the first
week of June, 1783. They
travelled up the Bay of
Fundy, with one stop in the
Annapolis Valley; they landed
on July 15th at Fort
Cumberland, near present day
Amherst. It was too late in

the year to go to Remsheg and
build a shelter and plant a
garden before the onset of
winter. It was decided to
stay in tents at Fort
Cumberland, for winter of
1783, and move down the coast
in the spring of 1784.

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