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The United Empire Loyalists of Remsheg; refugees from the American Revolution.
Wallace and Area Museum
Wallace , Nova Scotia


evacuation of New York City,
which was the main British
stronghold in the American
   The preliminary articles
of agreement were signed on
November 30, 1782. This
preliminary agreement made
the British patriots, who
were living in their homes in

the former British colonies,
urgently aware of their
situation and their potential
treatment in the future.
These British supporters, who
for many years were the heart
of Colonial America, thought
they were now being forced to
leave for their own safety.
They felt forced to move

North into present day Canada
and to other areas of British
North America.
   The name, “United Empire
Loyalist”, is an honorary
title given to those people
who were refugees of the
American Revolution. Almost
immediately, following the
word about a preliminary

agreement, British supporters
held meetings and signed
petitions for land grants.
Many stories are recorded
about these brave Loyalists
and their dire circumstances.
Most of the refugees, that
settled in Cumberland County,
Nova Scotia, had been living
just north of the city, in

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