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Top Secret: The Lives of Employees at CFS Carp
Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum
Carp , Ontario


in important
telecommunication work that
kept them in communication
with NATO, NORAD, the United
States and other allies. The
men and women stationed here
were responsible for the
upkeep of the bunker, and for
ensuring that the facility
was always ready to go into

lockdown. Luckily, there was
no nuclear attack on Canada
during this time, and the
Diefenbunker never served its
original purpose.
   The Diefenbunker has
compiled oral history records
from 19 former employees of
CFS Carp, now known as the
Diefenbunker. The material

collected proved to be not
only incredibly interesting,
but also very engaging. Each
interview spawned more
questions, each contact
brought to light another
employee and another story.
The project has only begun.
We continue to meet people
who knew the Diefenbunker,

who were stationed there, who
ran its complex machines, or
who stuck the first shovels
in the ground to build this
amazing 100,000 square foot
   These interviews capture
what life was like during the
Cold War. They bring a name,
a face and a feeling to the

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