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Ksiitsikominaa: The Thunder Chief Gallery
Fort Whoop Up National Historic Site
Lethbridge , Alberta


   The Kainai (originally
known as the Weasel people -
A pai sti tapi) of south-
western Alberta, also known
as the Blood, have always
been known as skilled artists
and creative crafts people.
The early explorers and fur
traders noticed the elaborate
colorful, attractive designs

on their clothing. Clothing,
weapons, tools and even the
most common household objects
were also adorned with their
decorative arts.
   Like all First Nations,
the Kainai learned to adapt
European made materials to
use in their arts and crafts.
Yet they kept the traditional

manner despite the alien
origin of these materials.
Although the arts and crafts
of other bands are similar,
differences in detail giving
them a distinct tribal
character. Even each clan
division within the bands had
distinctive pattern
characteristics in its

beading designs, craft works,
songs and artists. Each
unique work tells a story.
   The late Leo Day Chief,
an elder and a talented
artist from the Weasel Tribe,
is the Great-Great Grand Son
of Thunder Chief. He has
created, in the traditional
manner, a collection

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